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The Travel Nova | Blue Butcher | Rubia Gallega steak

Meat reigns supreme at Blue, and the restaurant rightly deserves in ‘Meat Specialist’ tag. If you want a hunk of a steak, this is the place to go to.
The Travel Nova | Blue Butcher | Bar

Blue Butcher: You have come to the right place


It’s a funny coincidence that Blue Butcher sits next door to a vegetarian restaurant. The restaurant sits on the first floor above the bar. By the dedicated room showcasing all the meat on offer, there is a giant neon sign emblazoned with the words ‘Whatever you’re looking for, you have come to the right place’. It was clear that Blue was confident about their meat collection.

The Travel Nova | Blue Butcher | Waffle with foie gras

I had the perfect dining companions – gym fanatics who were on a high-protein diet. For starters, we had the tuna tartare, Mediterranean octopus, deep-fried foie gras and homemade corn bread.

The Travel Nova | Blue Butcher | Mediterranean octopus

The octopus was so tender; it had charred, crispy edges and a delicious, smoky flavour from the grilling process. The deep-fried foie gras was a generous portion and came with some waffles, bourbon glazed cherries and spiced maple syrup. It was moreish and sinfully decadent. It made me wish that more brunch places serve foie gras with their stacks of waffles. Wouldn’t that be a great way to start the day?


The best beef in the world

The Travel Nova | Blue Butcher | Steaks cooked to perfection

The stars of the show were the steaks. Blue offers a variety of cuts and the meat are sourced from the world’s best beef-producing regions. Two of us decided to share the signature 45-day dry-aged, pasture-raised Rubia Gallega steak. It was a ginormous 500g (18 oz), and we opted to go all out and add on a Pacific lobster tail, foie gras and black truffle butter.

The Travel Nova | Blue Butcher | Steaks galore

Why was this Blue Butcher’s signature steak, I hear you ask? The meat comes from fat, old cows who are free to roam the Galician hills in Spain for up to 18 years. Rubia Gallega is said to be the best beef in the world, and this premium meat is not usually offered in Hong Kong. On top of that, Blue dry-age the meat for 45 days to maximise the beefy notes. The flavour was like no other steaks I had tasted before. It was rich and bursting with flavour. With all the extras we had ordered, it was quite a feast.

The Travel Nova | Blue Butcher | Truffle parmesan fries

We also tried the New Zealand tenderloin and the Australian Wagyu sirloin steaks. For sides, we ordered the truffle parmesan fries, charred baby gem wedges and sautéed baby spinach. The tenderloin and sirloin were fantastic cuts – huge slabs of meat with that incredible melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. It was a close call, but we unanimously agreed that the sirloin was the winning steak of the evening, as the wagyu marbling helped to give it a juicy, rich and buttery finish.

The Travel Nova | Blue Butcher | Chocolate malt brownie

Cooked to perfection

All the steaks were cooked to perfection. Scrap that, everything we had ordered was cooked to perfection. I was stuffed but I am never one to say no to desserts. There were four on the menu and that made the decision easy for us. We ordered one of each. There was grilled peach, the smoking pineapple, chocolate malt brownie and something called a micro dessert, which was a huge hit with our table. It was made up of salted toffee foam, caramelised banana and a pecan nut biscuit. The sweetness of the caramelised banana against the salted toffee was divine. Our other favourite dessert was the malt brownie, which had a soft, chocolatey centre that poured out as soon as we cut it.

The Travel Nova | Blue Butcher | Micro dessert

The Travel Nova’s verdict

The meal was incredibly satisfying, and the protein lovers were happy. Blue Butcher is a unique steak house in Hong Kong and a must-try for meat lovers.

The Travel Nova | Blue Butcher | Restaurant

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