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The Travel Nova | Thames Rockets RIB boat


There is a scene in Spectre where James Bond is hurtling down the Thames in a speedboat, shooting at some baddies or being shot at, I don’t quite recall. I do remember thinking that – minus the flying bullets – this looked like it was heaps more fun than the little sightseeing boat I had been on in London. I had this idea that I wanted to have a James Bond day with a breakneck-speed ride on the river and a helicopter flight over my fair city. Thames Rockets’ Ultimate London Adventure promises me 50 minutes of adrenaline-fuelled fun in their RIB boats, ticking the racing down the Thames box nicely.

The Travel Nova | Thames Rockets Tower Bridge

The trip departs from the London Eye Pier and heads towards Tower Bridge. At this stage, the pace is leisurely and there’s time to take in the sights. It was lovely seeing London from this angle, even on a grey day like this one. I could spot Cleopatra’s Needle, The Shard all shrouded in fog, the majestic St Paul’s in the distance and much more. I loved passing by under the bridges and seeing all the bolts and rivets that hold them together.

The Travel Nova | Thames Rockets review

The real fun began once we had passed Tower Bridge. This was when the RIB boat could pick up some real speed, taking daring twists and turns that made us hold onto our seats for dear life while screaming for more. It was exhilarating! The music helped a lot too, all feel-good rock anthems and catchy pop hits that had us singing along at the top of our voices.

On the return leg to the London Eye Pier, the guide entertained us with some fun anecdotes about the buildings and sights we were passing. Having grown up in London but never really doing much of the touristy things, there was plenty that I hadn’t heard before and I was eager to hear what other tidbit he had up his sleeves.

I had such a great time and it ended all too soon. How quickly 50 minutes fly by when you are having a blast. I cannot recommend Thames Rockets enough – fantastic adventure for the young and old alike.

The Travel Nova | Thames Rockets RIB boat

Top Tips
It does get rather chilly on the water so do dress warmly. Thames Rockets provide a thick padded coat, and if you bring a hat and pair of gloves with you then you’ll definitely be nice and toasty. For the full James Bond experience, make sure to book your helicopter ride at the start of your trip. This gives you the chance to rebook it for another day should the weather be uncooperative and keep your helicopter grounded.

The Travel Nova’s verdict
See over a dozen landmarks while getting an adrenaline kick at the same time. The best hour you could spend in London!


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*This post was sponsored by Thames Rockets (website). The views expressed are my own.

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