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The Travel Nova | Kooza | Cirque du Soleil

Canadian theatrical company, Cirque du Soleil, brings its special brand of acrobatic magic to Kong Kong this May and June. Kooza tells the story of ‘The Innocent’, representing the child within us, as he goes on a journey of discovery. The show combines jaw-dropping acrobatics with laugh-out-loud clown humour. It’s family friendly and accessible for even the non-English speaking audience members.

The Travel Nova | Kooza | Cirque du Soleil

Will small children like Kooza?

My little monsters are 4 and 5 years old and they found Kooza mesmerising. The show is a visual extravaganza and I could see their eyes widening in awe. They didn’t find it scary but I recognise that some short sections of the show can be a little frightening for the littlest audience members. On the whole, I saw plenty of families with small children attending the show and – without exception – they left the tent beaming.


The stage and seats

The circular stage gives the audience a wide view of up to 260 degrees. The best seats are at the front and centre of the stage, especially when some acts extend out above these seats. As a result, they are naturally the most expensive.The cheapest seats are furthest away from the stage but as venue itself is small and intimate, I don’t think there are any ‘bad’ seats under the Cirque du Soleil tent.

The Travel Nova | Kooza | Cirque du Soleil


Good to know

During the interval, there are several photo stands set up where you can don silly hats and glasses for family pictures. The staff manning these stands are great at giving a helping hand to capture these precious moments.


If you need to leave the performance tent during the show, you’ll only be re-admitted at a time deemed suitable by the door staff so that the show isn’t disturbed. This may mean that you’ll end up waiting outside for a few minutes – an agonising wait when you can hear the music and crowd reaction inside. In the same vein, if you’re late and miss the start of the show, you will likely have to wait until after the introductory scenes are over.


The Travel Nova | Kooza | Cirque du Soleil


The Travel Nova verdict

A fantastic, captivating event for the whole family to enjoy. I particularly liked the hilarious audience participation segments – the clowns did a wonderful job. I urge you to go while it is still on.


Kooza (website)
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