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Hippocketwifi solves a pesky travel problem for me: where to find my nearest source of wi-fi. I always feel a bit lost without access to the net and not because I have to keep up to date with what is happening in the world or anything like that. I am oftentimes literally lost without the power of the internet telling me which direction I should be heading.

I was super keen to try out a pocket wi-fi device from Hippocketwifi during my trip to London. I was zigzagging my way across the city every day of my stay and it was a lifesaver for me, being able to check the latest travel delays, find new routes, order an Uber when unreported engineering work threatened to thwart my night out with my BFFs.

The Travel Nova | Hippocketwifi | Wi-fi rental devices in Europe

Everything I needed to use the Hippocketwifi device was included in the compact pouch I received. The wi-fi device; cable; plug; SIM cards; instructions; and even gummy bears. The instructions were easy to follow. I just needed to insert the SIM card into the device and turn it on. I could connect my phone to the wi-fi device by putting in the password provided and voila! Wi-fi on the move!

Connection was fantastic. I was travelling all over London and did not have a connection problem anywhere.

Top Tips
What I found was that my phone battery life lasted a lot longer if I turned off wi-fi mode on my mobile when I wasn’t using it. Also, if you plan on posting your pocket wi-fi device back to Hippocketwifi at the end of your trip when you’re at the airport, bear in mind that there might be restrictions in the size of parcels that can be dropped through an airport post box due to security concerns. Best to post the pocket wi-fi package while you’re in the city, I’d say.

The Travel Nova’s verdict
Indispensable wi-fi devices for the holidays when you have to stay connected.

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*This post was sponsored by Hippocketwifi (website). The views expressed are my own.

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