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Mention 22 Ships to a Hong Konger and chances are they’d respond with ooohs and aaaahs of recognition. Standing out in the vibrant neighbourhood of Wan Chai takes some skill. That the tiny 22 Ships has defended its status as one of the must-eat places in Hong Kong is a testament of the delicious food it serves up.

The Travel Nova | 22 Ships | Crispy squid

Impressive, laidback cooking from a celebrity chef

Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton deftly pairs the familiar tapas flavours with Hong Kong flair. 22 Ships offers classics such as crispy squid and melt-in-your-mouth Iberico ham, but there are also adventurous combinations, like the miniature pork and foie gras burger.

The Travel Nova | 22 Ships | Pork and foie gras burger



Signature dish to write home about

One of its signature dishes is the jamon, manchego and truffle toast topped with a fried quail egg. The melted manchego marries all the flavours together, and the touch of truffle lifts this humble sandwich into the giddy heights of food heaven. These four little triangles disappeared quickly into my grateful belly.

The Travel Nova | 22 Ships | Jamon and truffle toastie

The roasted peppers, tuna tartar and baked bone marrow also hit the spot. And everything was washed down nicely with the jars of Sangria. There’s a buzzy vibe around the place. Come with a small group of friends and huddle around the handful of tables available, or sit by the bar for a view of the kitchen. It’s easy to wolf everything down at 22 Ships, but do linger a little while and soak in the fun atmosphere.

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22 Ship St | Wan Chai | Hong Kong

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