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When I am not travelling, I am poring over maps, checking guide books and scouring the net researching my next adventure. My detailed guides and photo journals will help you get the most out of your trip and spark your wanderlust for your next one.
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The Travel Nova | Blue Butcher | Rubia Gallega steak

Top restaurants in Hong Kong | Blue Butcher

Meat reigns supreme at Blue, and the restaurant rightly deserves in ‘Meat Specialist’ tag. If you want a hunk of […]

The Travel Nova | Hotel Mamá | Restaurant

Top hotels in Majorca | Hotel Mamá

Hotel Mamá sits on a lovely plaza in Palma’s charming old town. The boutique hotel opened its doors in March […]

The Travel Nova | Frantzén's Kitchen | Scallops

Top restaurants in Hong Kong | Frantzén’s Kitchen

High expectations | Frantzén’s Kitchen   The Hong Kong food scene was abuzz with excitement when Swedish chef Björn Frantzén unveiled Frantzén’s […]

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