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The Travel Nova | The Pavilions Phuket | Pool villa

Top hotels in Phuket | The Pavilions Phuket

The Pavilions Phuket is a peaceful oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Phuket. It sits high on the hills above Layan beach, offering breath-taking […]

The Travel Nova | Pavilions Himalayas

Top hotels in Nepal | The Pavilions Himalayas

The Pavilions Himalayas in Nepal is a luxury, eco-friendly resort nestled in the valley of Pokhara and surrounded by the […]

The Travel Nova | Blue Butcher | Rubia Gallega steak

Top restaurants in Hong Kong | Blue Butcher

Meat reigns supreme at Blue, and the restaurant rightly deserves in ‘Meat Specialist’ tag. If you want a hunk of […]

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